Project Overview

I-10 Project Overview

The I-10: LA 415 to Essen Lane on I-10 and I-12 CMAR Project is the largest urban interstate reconstruction project in the history of the Louisiana Department of Transportation. The project is organized into two phases. Phase 1 limits of construction are from the East Mississippi River Bridge approach to the I-10 & I-12 split in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Phase 2 limits of construction are from the West Mississippi Bridge approach to LA-415. The project’s total estimated construction cost is $872 million.

Kiewit/Boh, AJV is the Construction Manager at Risk for preconstruction services for Phase I which is broken into two segments (segments 1 & 2).  Segment 1 is comprised of 5 Early Works Packages, with the design nearing completion for Early Works Package 3.

Kiewit/Boh was awarded the construction services contract for Early Works Package 1. Construction services contracts will be awarded for the remaining 4 Early Works Packages in Segment 1, following design completion and LA DOTD approval.

Segment 2 pre-construction services are expected to begin late 2024.


Project Goals

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s goals for the Project are as follows: 
  • Successful collaboration, communication, and partnering between the CMAR Contractor, the Independent Cost Estimator (ICE), and the Design Professional throughout the Pre-Construction Services Phase; 
  • Innovative cost-savings measures and construction methods that may be utilized to fund additional items of work; 
  • CMAR Contractor input during design review pertaining to constructability, means and methods, sequencing, temporary works, cost, and schedule to prepare for successful execution of the construction services of this Project; 
  • Minimized inconvenience to the traveling public during construction; 
  • Design and construction that minimize impacts to the surrounding property owners and business owners; 
  • A Project that includes innovative means and methods of construction while remaining within the corridor established by the NEPA documents; 
  • A Project that complies with the Permits, Mitigations and Commitments outline in the Environmental Assessment (EA); and 
  • A Project completed within the agreed budget and schedule.